How To Transform and Live Freely

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Ultra Endurance Athlete, Author and Coach Sarah Stanley pushes the limits in her own life, and is helping you do the same.

“There are so many people struggling. I want people to take away that you are never too far gone. You can change the second you decide to change when you want a better life. You can start your next chapter immediately. “

Here are Sarah’s TOP 10 Tips to Live Freely

1. Shift mindset from victim to warrior.

Sarah says this is the foundation for transforming your life. Detox what your belief system is. You might have to get really quiet and figure out what is being said in your head and move to a place of empowerment vs self sabotage. Be empowered, strong, and take charge of your life.

2. Make choices that you are proud of.

Ask yourself, “Is this going to make me truly happy — not in the moment — but a month from now, a year from now?”

3.  Detox your thinking.

4. Consider what you are filling your mind with.

5. How is this choice serving me?

Sarah points out that you have two buckets in life — and every choice you make is a drop in one of those buckets. Sooner than later the buckets are going to overflow into either the life that you want or the life that you don’t want.

6. Natural physical movement daily

7. Eat nourishing foods daily.

Her top tips on how to nourish your body:

— Eat organic whenever possible.
— Focus on eating superfoods especially hemp.
— Eat fermented foods.
— Chia seeds are a favorite.
— Add some maca to your diet.
— Everyone should have turmeric in their daily diet.
— Eat a lot of ginger.
— Himalayan salt is important for its minerals.

8. Detox how you spend or invest your time.

9. Read labels on whatever you buy.

10. Start and finish your day naming one thing you are grateful for.

Also in this episode, Sarah shares out some of her favorite tips that help to motivate her daily.
— Turn passwords into truth statement like “I am worthy” or “Warrior” so you see those words on a regular basis. It helps to reprogram your brain.
— Set reminders on your phone with your affirmations so they pop up throughout the day