How to Better Understand Your Health and Empower Yourself

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Understand your health … empower yourself.

That’s the message Fabrice Dechoux wants people to hear.  When you log onto his company’s website those are the first words that come up.

Dechoux is a successful entrepreneur, the Founder of a software company, investor in several popular restaurants including The Gladly in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Founder of Cerulean Advanced Fitness and Wellness:  

He spent a million dollars of his own money to open Cerulean because he believes so strongly that people can be healed from the inside out.

“The body is very powerful.  I don’t think we use the resources that exist inside the body,” says Dechoux.  

Cerulean Advanced Fitness and Wellness looks at cellular health.  With medical-grade testing they provide a foundation for transformation.

Dechoux became interested in cellular health after his daughter, a star tennis player, sustained an injury that wouldn’t heal.

Frustrated with what doctors were telling them, Fabrice Dechoux set out on a journey to find answers – and examine a more holistic approach.  

First, they discovered cryotherapy which, Dechoux says, helped immediately.  

Cerulean Advanced Fitness and Wellness offers non-invasive medical treatments and exercise options including cryotherapy, cryosauna, compression recovery therapy, and hypobaric adaptive conditioning pod.  

On this 46 minute episode of Transformation Tuesday, Dechoux talks about how to reset your approach to health and weight management for life.  

He talks to Carey Pena in depth about the 4 biggest obstacles people have and how to overcome them:

(1) Dehydration

Dehydration reduces metabolism and promotes retention of unwanted water weight. If you’re not hydrating your body properly, you won’t see the results you want.  Hydration tests allow you to find out your body’s hydration level and ideal daily water intake requirement to help you enable your body to lose body fat effectively.

(2) Inflammation

Similar to dehydration, inflammation makes your body hold onto weight no matter how much you exercise. If you are not proactively taking steps toward understanding the level of inflammation in your body (and taking steps toward reducing it), you are leaving weight loss results on the table and limiting your chance to reach your goals.

(3) Generic “one size fits all” caloric consumption recommendations based on BMI or scale weight

Get your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) marker test will allow you to understand precisely how many calories YOUR body requires on a daily basis, in order to lose the body fat effectively and more importantly, safely.

(4)  Generic exercise recommendation

If you’re not exercising in individualized targeted fat-burn heart rate exercise zones defined for YOUR specific body, you won’t get the burn and fat loss that you are looking for. Getting a VO2 max & Anaerobic Threshold fitness performance tests will help you understand your level of fitness and how to optimize your exercise regimen (heart rate exercise zones) for ultimate fat burn based on your body.

Dechoux hopes to expand Cerulean Advanced Fitness and Wellness across the country. Currently, they are located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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