Z Life: Hostess With the (Couture) Mostest

The lux lifestyle just catapulted to a glamours new level for party people all across the land. Couture in the kitchen? But, of course darling! Say hello to a unique fashion line that’s heating things up with its cool, statement-worthy threads.

Couture Aprons is recently new on the fashion scene and features designer kitchen aprons created for the hostess with the mostest who wants to dazzle at his/her event. Complete with accessories and plenty of tulle and ruffle, Couture Aprons is bringing fancy back to special events where the hostess is sure to outshine the guest of honor—or at least garner plenty of attention in style.

Couture Aprons is the brainchild of Roxane Kyte who launched the fashion line in 2016. Kyte created Couture Aprons to celebrate special occasions in a memorable way, while fulfilling her lifelong dream of working in fashion and design. With Julia Child on her mind, Kyte longed for the nostalgia of days spent in the kitchen with her nicely dressed mom and grandmother. Kyte sought out to bring back the vintage and fancy feel that queens of the kitchen embodied back in the day and soon realized that the secret ingredient was most definitely IN THE APRON. The designer aprons are made to add a splash of fashion and glam into hosted celebrations centered around food, good times and love.

So, if you’re tracking with me you may be asking the same question that kept coming to mind as I dug deeper into the fancy world of designer aprons…. Are the aprons actually meant for cooking and getting soiled? That is of course, if your idea of cooking is more than boiling water. No judgment please. I have happily watched my share of  Barefoot Contessa to know that kitchen aprons do serve an actual purpose. OR… are Couture Aprons just meant to be worn?… like a dress or outfit that screams, all eyes on me, pretty please.

The answer is… both! Kyte explained that the idea behind the ornate hostess aprons is that they are meant to be worn AFTER meal prep. Paired with a blouse or mini skirt, the aprons make a statement—setting the tone for the event’s theme and then some. It’s the cutesy factor, the conversation piece for the host who wants to stand out in a unique and glam way. And, with a price tag averaging $160 per apron with the most luxe designs going for $320, it’s easy to understand why actually cooking in the apron is not ideal. However, for all you pragmatists in the house, Couture Aprons does offer cooking aprons starting at $120. Yes, they are still pretty and styled with a stitch less frill but more functionality. Glam or function? One guess on which  style I prefer… there’s no shame in my kitchen game.

Most aprons are machine washable and made with premium cottons, vintage and premium linens. The Couture Aprons designers create looks for special occasions, holidays, themed events, mommy-and-me matching sets and custom orders are welcome.

Making its splash most recently on the runway during Phoenix Fashion Week, the company is gearing up for more catwalk events benefiting the local fashion industry and aligning with additional non-profits Valley-wide.

Couture Apron designers are currently taking holiday orders. The collection is available online at coutureaprons.com and select designs can be found in boutiques around town.