Healing From The Inside Out with Raw Food Chef Haley Cloud

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“I want to keep all of the nutrition in my food that helps to heal from the inside out, and my body can use those tools for its own repair process.”

It took 25 years for Raw Food Chef and Author Haley Cloud to learn how to heal.  Once she did, her life was transformed.

“There is a new wave of consciousness coming through our culture.  There is more to life than just surviving … you can thrive based on what you put in your body,”  Cloud says. “There is hope to be had. A lot of us who have been sick most of our lives… don’t always have the type of hope necessary to make change.”

As a child, Cloud says she was sickly all of the time.  “It started out as chronic bronchitis that evolved into asthma.  “By the time I was 24 years old I was on 13 medications a day,” Cloud explains.  She also had trouble controlling her weight. By age 25, she tipped the scale at 250 pounds.

It all came crashing down one day when she went to walk her daughter around the block.  What should have been a short walk, Cloud says, took her 45 minutes. She didn’t have her inhaler, so when Cloud collapsed, she had to crawl home next to her toddler.  

That was the breaking point.  

She sought help from a friend who gave her a book about healing your health through a raw food and vegan diet.

The results were stunning.

Cloud ended up losing over 100 pounds, but more than that, she slowly weaned herself off of each and every medication.   

Today Haley Cloud is an author, having written 14 books loaded with her own raw food recipes, and she’s a personal coach to others who seek to change their health.  

In this 37 minute episode, she shares with our listeners:

(1) The steps she took to find freedom from illness
(2) What she eliminated from her diet
(3) A few of her most popular recipes
(4) A few favorite cooking tips including the blender she loves most https://www.vitamix.com/us/en_us/
(5) How she pushed through the hard times to get where she is today

Her company is called “Raw By Grace” because she feels that she was saved from a life of sickness and depression – now she’s dedicated herself to helping others do the same.  If and when they are ready.

“There’s a point in your brain where you don’t want to believe that change is possible because that takes work,” Cloud says.  “Working toward something beneficial has to be more powerful than where you are.”

To learn more about Raw Food Chef and Author Haley Cloud’s books and recipes, visit https://www.livingrawbygrace.com/