Get Beyond Entry Level And Become A Leader with Author Kathi Miller-Miller

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“If you truly want to be successful and be a leader, own it,” says Kathi Miller-Miller, author, blogger and career coach.

Recently, Miller wrote a blog reviewing an online course for Concordia University titled  “How To Function Above Entry Level.”

The course, she says, focuses on positive self talk and creating a plan for advancement.

“Some of us are great about speaking confidently and projecting that but not always when we have internal talk,” Miller shares.  “If you want to propel yourself past entry level, you have to master positive self talk.  Manage the internal and external image.”  

Something Miller admits has been a struggle for her over the years as she has seen her own career journey take her from the corporate world where she was a coach, to the world of being an entrepreneur.    

Miller wrote a book called “Your Journey From Fired To Hired” and now focuses on her website where she blogs about career success and offers online coaching.

She says one of the biggest hurdles for people in advancing their careers is mastering emotional intelligence.  This was a big part of the Concordia University course on how to propel past entry level.

“If you look at successful leaders,” Miller says, “they are in control of their emotions.  They don’t fly off the handle.  They don’t storm out of a meeting and slam the door.  If you want to control your life, it starts with your emotions and how you react to positive, negative and challenging stimuli.”

Miller encourages people to find ways to be notable, solve problems and add value.  Doing the job, she says, just isn’t enough.   “Don’t sit back and wish,” she advises, “have a plan, take it to a strategy and then to action.”   

Also, align your passion with your purpose.

It’s worked well for Miller.  At age 50, she is just getting started.  

After leaving Corporate America, Miller has crafted a career doing all of the things she loves — coaching, writing, connecting with people — and growing her own personal brand along the way.  “It was a big risk and I am not a risk taker,” she says.  “Oh my gosh what a wonderful reward.  I am passionate in all phases.  I feel truly blessed at the ripe age of 50 I have found what I am passionate about.”