Game Changer: Laura Fredricks Teaches Us How To Ask For What You Want. And Get It.

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“It is truly amazing how this one concept of money and asking for it put me into a stratospheres I never thought possible,” says Laura Fredricks, speaker and author of several hit books such as THE ASK and Money Wellness: Is Money Making You Sick?

Fredricks began her career as a journalist before becoming an attorney.  She worked in the Philadelphia Attorney General’s Office practicing civil litigation.  Fredricks began to realize that she was wining a lot of cases on cross examination.  At a very early age, she learned the power of asking good questions.  

Building on that early momentum and success, Fredricks took a risk and left her job at the AG’s office to focus on teaching non-profits and business people how to ask for — and receive — what they want.  

“You have to believe 1,000% that you really deserve what you are asking for,” Fredricks shares.  “I have people who write me and say your book, your speech changed my life.”

In this episode of Carey Pena Reports, here is what you will learn:

– What is it that makes a great question?

– How Laura helps non-profits and businesses effectively ask for support

– What is organizational structure and how can it help you achieve your goals

– Before you ask someone else for support, what questions do you first need to ask yourself

– Before making an ask, what is the one thing you can do to gain confidence

According to Fredricks, “The win is that you made the ask, not the result.”

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