Frontdoors TV: Celebrity Chef & Community Changemakers

Frontdoors TV is a ten minute show about exceptional leadership, community connections and charities that make a massive impact.

On this episode, we highlight three leaders who are changing the community for the better.

Kimber Lanning is the Founder of Local First AZ.
The Foundation’s most recent work centers around food stability and independence. As part of that work, they have created, a website that serves as a hub for consumers, producers, procurers, farmers, restauranteurs and others to learn about and connect with Arizona’s local food providers.

And we are in the kitchen with celebrity Chef Michael DeMaria from M Culinary Concepts. Chef Michael shows us his Traditionally Untraditional Turkey Recipe. Watch the show to learn how Chef Michael prepares turkey that is ready to serve the moment your guests are ready to eat! Both his turkey and gravy recipes can be downloaded here.

Chef Michael is well known in Arizona and across the country, but he’s also a community leader who teams up with various charities to give back.

“Brandon Maxwell, my partner and the CEO of the company, we’ve been together for 25 years. We’ve grown this from very much a little nut to all the way what it is today. We have hundreds of employees, we do millions of dollars in revenue and we need to share that,” DeMaria explains.

“Just like big companies do, you need to give back. We are giving back. And our charity here is UMOM.”

Chef Michael and his team are working to feed hundreds of families at UMOM over the holiday season. They have launched a new program called Thanksgiving 2 Go. You can order a fully prepared holiday dinner from M Culinary and for every order they receive, they give one to UMOM. Visit for more details.

Also on this episode of Frontdoors TV, we meet the woman on the cover of Frontdoors Magazine, Debbie Gaby, co-founder of Sleep America.

Gaby talks about beginning a new chapter in her life after losing her soulmate and business partner, Len Gaby. In the aftermath of Len’s death, Debbie had to make a decision about her own fate and future. With encouragement and strength from friends, she has continued on with her massive community outreach through Debbie Gaby Charities. The organization donates 100% of monies raised to provide resources to local non-profits.

Download Recipes:
MCC Turkey Gravy Recipe
MCC Traditionaly Untraditional Turkey Recipe