How adoption worked for me with Mac Watson KTAR

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Radio personality of KTAR Mac and Gaydos Show, Mac Watson, discusses his decision to adopt two children, a decision that transformed his life.

“When you think you can’t, you can”. That comment by someone at Child Crisis Arizona changed his perception on having a family. After partnering with Child Crisis Arizona in Phoenix, Mac explains how his previous view on having children of his own shifted.

According to Mac, he had all the excuses why not to have children, but it was his wife who said, “why not”.

He discusses the difficulties he and his wife had with having children. Mac explains how their decision to adopt came from realizing just how much the 18,000 foster children here in Arizona were in need, and for him, it was simply the right thing to do.

Mac and his wife were foster parents for a year before they received a call giving them just two hours to be placement for two siblings, a brother and a sister, looking for ‘Forever Parents’. He goes on to explain that this process typically takes years to complete, but in their case it only took three months. Mac remembers saying and thinking, “this is eerie…this is just too odd… From the beginning, it did not happen the way it was supposed to happen, but it was as though some pre-ordained or divined providence was at work that these kids were going to be our kids.”

In that three months, Mac and his wife made their decision to adopt.

Mac Watson cannot express enough how grateful he is that he was given this opportunity to not only change his children’s lives, but also his own. With his wife’s help, Mac discovered how much more he could be.

He goes on to say, “I am a full person now.” Mac always felt that something was missing in his life, and now that he has a family of his own, he feels whole. He is humbled knowing he can affect ‘sister’ and ‘brother’s’ life in this very same way.

Having children has made Mac happy. Before adopting he had the job, had the career, had the station, had a beautiful wife, but now he says, “I have won the lottery.”

Mac can now say, “I’m a Dad”.