Finding Light In Unexpected Places

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Editors Of “Finding Light In Unexpected Places” On The Surprises Found In The Tragic And Mundane

Marie Jerinic and Erik Pihel edited the collection of essays that comprise the book Finding Light In Unexpected Places: An Anthology of Surprises by Kristin Procter. The written works provide introspection into the human tendency to expect inspiration in sunsets, blooming flowers, and mountain-top views. And in turn, come to not expect it any where else, least of all in the tragic or mundane.

The editors recall texting each other about putting these thoughts into writing after Jerinic had an experience that left her pondering about how elusive her positive moments were when she tried to remember them. Meanwhile, the problems and stresses of life came with ease as she was always trying to circumvent them and spent far less time thinking on the beautiful moments.

They curated fourteen authors to come together and contribute their stories of light found amidst the seeming horrors and boredoms of life by putting out a call on every platform available to them. After which the stories came streaming in that revealed to Jerinic and Pihel that joy is often found in the communities of people that we surround ourselves with.

The modern-day health crisis prompts them to reflect on how the ability for humans to find light in gathering with one another has been momentarily stalled. Remarking on the momentous timing of their book in a period when finding positivity and inspiration feels a more daunting task than ever before.

“In a disaster, on a dreary morning commute. In squawking gulls, aging bodies, and seeing the way a friend signs his name. Wherever you are, whatever thoughts might be racing through your mind, light is available. It might be just around the corner.”

Author: Jacquie Navarro

Finding Light in Unexpected Places