Facing Bullying As An Adult with Johnjay Van Es

Radio star, Johnjay Van Es, has been targeted by bullies throughout his life. Recently he became a target once again.  “I had several bullies all throughout my life, all the way up until last week.” Johnjay says.  He is teaching his three children to have thick skin when it comes to bullies. He was bullied by kids growing up, and always tried to react with a joke to make the bullies laugh.  “My self-defense mechanism is to try and make people laugh.” Johnjay says.

Johnjay Van Es was recently targeted by a radio show trying to publicly humiliate him. They attacked a picture of Johnjay with botox and called him a monster for publicly sharing his botox experiences.  “If you can do something that can make yourself feel better, I’m all for it.” Johnjay says.  Johnjay is very public about his image and what methods he uses to better himself.

The radio show bullied Johnjay, but he didn’t let it get to him. He played the clip of that radio station attacking him on his show, and made it into a joke by relating the situation to Beauty and the Beast. He tried to turn a clear case of bullying into a joke, just like he used to with the bullies of his childhood.

Johnjay Van Es believes bullies stem from broken homes, and if you have a loving home you are more inclined to be positive. He says his parents had a large impact on his positive outlook today. “You got to realize, that kid’s life at home probably isn’t that great and try to look at it from their point of view.” Johnjay says about bullies.

Johnjays’s entire life is about making sure his children grow up with integrity, character, and that they are just good people.  He says, “My family, we try to make sure we leave an impact, we try to do something positive every day, we try to love up.”