Digital Marketing Guru Shares Her Secrets To Success

Kendra Wright “One of the biggest elements of my success came from just taking responsibility for my life.”

Kendra Wright is a woman on the rise.  She found early success in the world of digital marketing, working with big names and brands to help grow their platforms.  Now she is focusing on building her own brand — and inspiring people along the way.

“I was born to a 15 year old mother and given a 5% chance to live,” Wright says.  While others were outside playing, Wright, who was born with cerebral palsy, was learning to walk.  It was a difficult childhood and she says her expectations were not high.  “I would have thought that I was most likely to be average.”

It turns out, average wasn’t good enough.  Wright kept pushing herself, and in 2013 had what she calls her breakthrough year.   

She spent the entire year doing one thing or another outside of her comfort zone, documenting and writing about it so she could later use it on her new site  

“I came to this interesting realization and that was that all of my big dreams, goals and aspirations, every time they were derailed, it came down to one root cause and that was fear.”  

Her goal was to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  

She created a project called “The Year Of Fear”, each day doing something outside of her comfort zone.  She even brought someone in to be an accountability coach so that she was sure to follow through.

Wright went on police ride alongs, volunteered at soup kitchens, forced herself to meet people she would otherwise be intimidated by.   Wright, who at the time wasn’t making her blogs public, also made a list of all of the people she feared from a writing perspective.  “I have friends who are really well known, who just knock it out of the park.”  She sent those very people all of her work.  

Slowly, this personal branding took shape and she began to tell her own life story in a way that was inspirational and freeing.Kendra Wright Soup Kitchen  The fear began to fade away.

“I can’t control everything around me, but I can control my response to it,” Wright says.

She realized that she was making money for others doing digital marketing, why not build up her own brand and amplify her own voice.

“There are so many different ways to take your brand and amplify it online,” Wright says.  “With my clients, I find small levers that open big doors.   What are the things that we can do consistently and maximize results?”  

Rather than throw darts at the strategy board, Wright focuses on a couple of core components that translate to measurable results.  “When you can clear away clutter and focus on the marketing channels that are working,” she says, “I find people have much more success.”  

After she identifies solid digital marketing strategies that work, Wright likes to add a wildcard, something innovative and fun.

For her, it was creating a site where people can learn “How To Turn Your Bucket List Into Your To-Do List”. One post on the site is titled, “If Your Life Sucks, It’s Your Fault”.

The woman who, at one point, thought she was destined to be average, is now finding greatness and, as she likes to say, being completely kick ass.