Defending Your Greatness with Kirk Nurmi

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Kirk Nurmi gained the national spotlight when he was appointed to represent convicted boyfriend killer Jodi Arias. “I got a lot of death threats,” Nurmi explains.  “I became high profile and famous overnight in a situation where I wasn’t seeking it out, I was just trying to do my job. My appointed job.”

At that point, he’d been practicing law for 15 years.   So, it came as a bit of a shock – even to him – that he wanted out.  

“It felt like it was something more powerful. A message from my heart telling me it was time to chart a new course.”  At first he chalked it up to burnout. Then, a health scare made him realize a total life change was necessary and urgent.  

“I found inflammation in my lymph node under my armpit,”  Nurmi shares. “Healthy blood cells turning into unhealthy blood cells and I knew right away it was the stress of it all.”

After being diagnosed with stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that originates in your lymphatic system, Nurmi had to face some tough decisions.  

“I went to a dark place,” Nurmi says.  “Do I really want to go through chemotherapy? Do I really want to do this?  At 49 years old I never thought about my mortality.”

It was at that moment Nurmi changed his life.  He went forward with the chemo and underwent a total mind and body transformation.

He began writing books, and launched a website

On the site, Nurmi writes:

“Helping you unchain yourself and DEFENDING YOUR GREATNESS is my new mission.  I do this mainly through sharing my personal story in keynote speeches, however, I also work as a life coach for select individuals who want to unchain themselves from the ties that bind them so that they can reconnect with and DEFEND THEIR GREATNESS.”

In this Transformation Tuesday interview, we talk about HOW he unchained himself and defended his greatness.  He takes us through each of the 5 following steps:

(1) Taking care of yourself
(2) Making Happiness A Priority
(3) Following Your Heart
(4) Defying convention by exploring the road less traveled
(5) Restraining your mental martyr

Nurmi also shares details about how he lost over 80 pounds and now experiences much greater overall health and happiness.

He is a voracious reader and follows heart-centered leaders like Kyle Cease who he credits with helping on the journey to now.

And what a journey it has been.  

“If we don’t feel worthy of whatever greatness we have inside of us, we aren’t going to pursue it,” Nurmi shares.   “Sometimes it’s hard to understand the vibrational level that we are in, when we are in it. One of the things i thought about when I was in the chemo chair, it was really about how I spent the last 6-12 months of my life.  And I asked myself that question… was I happy with how I spent that time in my life? And the answer was no. But the answer today is yes.”