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Zenobia Mertel

Zenobia Mertel is Inspired Media 360's Z Life columnist and correspondent. As a former newsie, PR exec, and television host, Zenobia honed her storytelling skills with a penchant toward inspirational people, places, and finer things. Fashion, smart design, travel, and compassionate do-gooders motivate Zenobia in work and play. This wife and mother of three celebrates life sprinkled with style and gratitude on the daily. Email her at and follow her on instagram @zenobia.mertel


Luke Kayyem

Luke Kayyem is Master Lifestyle Coach, health and fitness expert with over 17 years in the fitness industry. He focuses on functional fitness, organic whole foods, yoga, meditation, mental training and brings his message to the masses through social media.


Jesse Holland

Jesse Holland is Strength and Conditioning coach and bootcamp coach. He specializes in functional fitness from a standpoint of using proper body mechanics and muscle activations. Jesse has coached clients through more than 1,000 pounds of weight loss.


Felicia Romero

Fitness Expert

Felicia Romero is a Motivational speaker, inspiring, training and teaching others to live a healthy life. She uses her own experiences to educate and make a difference. She is the Founder of Felicia Romero’s Fit Method.


Darleen Santore

Darleen Santore is the Founder and CEO of Performance@HigherDegree (P.H.D.), a life and leadership coaching and consulting company designed to motivate, inspire and awaken greatness in others.


Alisa Glutz

Born and raised in Arizona, Alisa is a proud graduate of ASU. After a successful beginning to her career working in Hollywood as an Executive for HBO and a Producer on ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, Alisa decided to return to her native Arizona where she became committed to helping her community realize the dream of home ownership and understand their true credit potential.