Build Community Gain Success with Pam Slim, Author, Business Coach and Speaker

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“I’m inspired by people taking action towards their dreams; my job is to help them.” Award Winning author and business Coach Pam Slim says she’s building stronger communities, one contact at a time.

Wow, can you imagine? A life where you don’t wake up and go to some job that you hate, day after day.  A life filled with watercolor painting and classical music. Where your robe takes the place of a computer and the ocean is your view.

In reality she’s not handing you the golden ticket; but what she does is help people with the work they love.

Her website, Escape from Cubicle Nation, helps build connections between business people and business owners. Connection is a basic human need, Slim says. And the foundation of success in business is good quality relationships.  

But, wait a minute. That sounds so easy. Exactly how would that play out with so many different types of people? How would an introverted artist build quality relationships? “Not everyone’s a people person,” after all. Slim encourages businesses and business people to build on their strengths. Like cultivating a plant but instead it’s a career; authentically and with what matters.

Also important is to develop a robust, diverse community, and she says, make sure people know your passion. Whether you’re a big business or small entrepreneur, your success is determined by the contacts you make.  People need to understand what you are doing and why.

So, paintbrush in hand, should you quit your day job? Slow down Picasso!  A pragmatist at heart, Slim warns against rash decisions. She advises people to have a “side hustle” building on what you love.
Make sure you have a valuable idea and some business and financial skills. Oh and a little thing called follow through goes a long way, says Slim, who admits to being a networking addict.