The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling – Brian Burns

“You really have to understand the steps and what you want to do.  Stay focused on the steps you need to take to get there.”

Brian Burns has mastered the art of sales.  He wrote the book, “The Maverick Selling Method: Simplifying The Complex Sale” to teach people how to build habits instead of looking for a “eureka moment”.

“I’m more focused on trying to teach people to understand how companies make decisions and how to manage that,” Burns says.

He built his own success by selling security products to big companies and found that he was good, very good, at sales and frequently closing, in his words, multi-million dollar deals.

“Once you understand how an organization makes a decision to change, you can determine how to make it happen.”

The greatest paradox in business, according to Burns, is that everybody is visible but nobody wants to be contacted by a salesperson.

So, the key, he says, is finding a way to connect on a personal level no matter what you are trying to sell — including yourself.  

“I think you have to start with the end in mind and put yourself in their place.  What would they get out of it.  What am I bringing to them.  Why would they care,” Burns says.

Over the past few years, he has also grown a podcast, “The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling”.

Burns has amassed a massive social media following including more than 90,000 Twitter followers (Twitter is his favorite social media platform).  He says a big part of his success is to always keep the big picture in mind.

“It does take time and it was what I wanted to do.  I see my platform and my network as a journey.”