Single Leg Toe Touch = Strength and Balance

Got balance? It’s time. The New Year is upon us – stay strong by working on your balance now. If you don’t use it you lose it however, the good news is that the exercise of balance gets easier along the way. Body weight movements, like the Single Leg Toe Touch, are an excelent way to work on balance and most can be done without much space and easily at home.

The Single Leg Toe Touch is a posterior chain activation that should be felt in the back of the leg and the hamstring while powering through the glutes and hip flexors. I like this movement because it’s fairly simple to create and targets two fitness areas that most people benefit from; strength and balance. Building strength in the hamstring is important to overall functional health. The single leg component  engages the small balance and quick twitch muscles that we do not normally engage  with our walking gait, helping with balance. Remember, if you never work on your balance, you will lose it or you will never get it. Start transforming your workouts to incorporate strength and balance NOW. Trust me, you will be surprised as to how much this simple movement will improve your balance ability!

Get fit! Stay fit!

Jesse Holland

YourScottsdaleCoach/Human Performance Coach