ASU Entrepreneurs Fight Sex Trafficking

Cindy Mccain

Erin Schulte & Jessica Hocken with Cindy McCain

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If you thought millennials were lazy, entitled, and self absorbed, you need to hear what Erin Schulte and Jessica Hocken have to say.  

The two ASU honors students, who have been friends since their sophomore year in high school, co-founded the student-led nonprofit “All Walks Project” to fight against sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

They’ve received tremendous support and guidance from the Entrepreneurship program at ASU.   In fact, Schulte and Hocken point to ASU as the inspiration that made all of this possible.  “Even though I am young, even though I am a woman, even though I am a student.  The University sees the best in us.”

Prior to ASU’s incredible leadership, the two say they were encouraged to take bold steps after reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In.  The book focuses, in part, on the challenges women face in trying to get ahead.  It also encourages women to be strong, turn plans into action, and lean in at the table to have your voice heard.  Schultz and Hocken say after reading the book, they realized there were no more excuses.  Again, they were absorbing the message that they are not too young or too inexperienced to do the things they want to do.   They realized, there was nothing to fear.  If there were things they didn’t know about running an organization along the way, they would learn — and thats exactly what has happened.Jessica Hocken

The two have broken out of the so-called millennial mold in a dynamic and bold way.  They are now connected with the Clinton Global Initiative.  They are also receiving help from the McCain Institute.  Cindy McCain has been outspoken and tireless in her efforts to fight sex trafficking in the United States and abroad.

Many of the victims, say Schulte and Hocken, don’t even realize they are victims until it is too late.  

“Everyone can and needs to make a difference.  This is an issue that affects everyone.  Even if you don’t see it, it’s still there,” Schulte says.

Their mission is to spread awareness on college campuses so that people recognize what is really happening in our community and take action.

All Walks Project” is currently at on campus at four Universities, but the founders — two incredible young women on a mission for the greater good —  have plans to take it nationwide.