Arizona woman helps thousands find financial freedom. With a coloring book.


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Alisa and Carey“People can start over they don’t need to spend all of this money for credit repair.”

This is the simple message Alisa Glutz is determined to bring to the masses.  

Glutz, who has worked as a mortgage banker for 14 years, started in the industry just as it was about to boom.

Prior to that, she was in Los Angeles where she had early success.  Out of college, Glutz moved from Arizona to California.  “Off to LA with my wishes and dreams,” she recalls. 

She worked behind the scenes for HBO and Bill Maher. Then she chose love and moved back to Arizona where her soon to be husband was from.  

Enter the mortgage industry.

“If we had a pulse we were going to get a house,” Glutz says of the time around 2002 when she started out in the business.  

But, she says, the way business was being done began to bother her.  The fact that big banks and mortgage companies were “making so much money off ignorance” didn’t sit well with Glutz.  

“You can be working at Taco Bell right now and have a better credit score than Bill Gates,” she says.      

Over the years Glutz found success in the mortgage banking industry helping thousands of people understand their credit and gain financial freedom.  But she encountered some personal darkness when her marriage ended.  The mother of two says she had to re-think her purpose.

Glutz wrote a book called “Color My Credit.”  The theme ties into her personal journey having come out of darkness to find a colorful world as well as her belief that understanding your credit score is made much easier (and fun) by breaking down the categories in color.

Color My Credit recently went live on Amazon and, Glutz tells us, it is already beating out Dave Ramsey’s books as well as the best selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  Coloring must be cool. 

In addition, Glutz is holding a Color My Credit Expo October 1st in Tempe, Arizona.  Her efforts are geared, in large part, toward women looking to gain personal strength and financial freedom.   The goal in all of this is to Illuminate your future and color your financial legacy.

Color My Credit Expo