An Act of Kindness That Saved Five Lives with Eric Gregory

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Eric Gregory, author of, “All My Tomorrows” discusses the sudden, tragic death of his son, Christopher, and how it gave five people a second chance at life. Eric explains both the sorrow and the journey he has been on since that day when he received a phone call, just three days after seeing his 19-year-old son for the last time. Christopher had been rushed to the hospital with a brain aneurism. Shortly, Eric would be faced with the difficult question of whether to donate his son’s organs. Fortunately, Christopher had told his family he was an organ donor, so Eric, through the fog and sorrow, did just that. “All My Tomorrows” was written as an effort to not only highlight Christopher’s memory, but to also reveal the importance of organ donation. The story was turned into a book and will soon be a movie.

Eric Gregory discusses the two things he prayed for while Christopher was laying in the hospital: One was that Christopher would be taken to heaven and two, he would be able to meet some of the people whose lives were impacted by Christopher’s organ donation. Eric takes us through what it was like to finally sit down with the people who were saved by his son and hear each of their stories. On that day, the man who received Christopher’s lungs, Jorge Bicardi, had been getting ready to go on a fishing trip thinking he was at the end. Earlier in the day he had been second on the recipient list and had missed a set of lungs that went to another recipient. Then came the unbelievable 11:45 p.m. call from his doctor that there was another set of lungs for him, Christopher’s lungs. Nick Whittaker, who received Christopher’s kidney and pancreas, had been sent home that day to die. He and his wife were at home calling family and friends when they got their call. Mack Jackson received Christopher’s heart. Eric finally met Mack in 2015 and says, “When Mack took off his hat to pray, I was humbled… There’s an interconnectedness between all of humanity, and we need to spend more time recognizing what we have in common. Love matters, life matters”.

“All My Tomorrows” is a novel that tells the different stories of the five lives that were saved by his son’s organ donation, and Eric states that, “this is a story about something good and decent.” Eric hopes his novel will inspire people to recognize the importance of organ donation and he goes on to state, “it comes down to how we treat each other as human beings, that we have a shared humanity. We have the same hearts the same blood you know, we have so much in common with each other that if we just take a minute we can recognize that it’s easier to love people than it is to hate them.” Eric wants his son, Christopher, to be remembered as a good man, a good human being and hopes the movie does justice bringing recognition to all the doctors, the nurses, the organ donors and the whole organ donor community everywhere.