IM360 is a social-first media shop that focuses on storytelling across platforms. Our mission is to tell the story behind the story; to inform, inspire and engage communities with the power of optimism. We create and amplify content on our talk shows and podcasts, and through our blogs, columns, and social outreach. Our team also works on brand building campaigns for clients. Want to connect or contribute?

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How did it all begin?

Inspired Media 360 is a firm created out of love and a deep passion for storytelling. Founder, Carey Pena, had a successful career as a local news anchor, investigative reporter and political show host.  But she felt something was missing: Inspiration. On many of her assignments, Carey felt the story behind the story deserved much more attention.  IM360 has grown from that spirit.

IM360 Team

Our company is made up of people who want to put more positive into the world. The team at IM360 includes entrepreneurs, PR pros, digital gurus, social influencers, creatives, fitness freaks, tech lovers and, in general, people who are passionate about life.

Our Founder

Carey Peña
Founder / CEO

Carey is an Emmy Award Winning News Anchor, Host and Investigative Journalist. As Founder and CEO of Inspired Media 360, she created her dream company at the intersection of TECH and TV. Carey strives to inspire people through the stories IM360 covers, the content her company creates, and the many charity events she emcees.

She tries to get out of her comfort zone to learn and grow every day.

More About Carey

Our Team

Inspired Media 360 Columnist

All things style and substance inspire Zenobia to live her best life. This former TV broadcaster and PR executive squeezes every beautiful drop out of each day, and shares her experiences through Inspired Media 360 as the firm’s lifestyle columnist and talk show co-host.

Z is a multitasking mom of three who keeps things light with karaoke sessions and constant thoughts of worldwide travel for her party of five. Zenobia gets by with a little help from her friends, fierce love from her family, and a fabulous pair of sunnies.


Gelie is a community leader, a TEDx presenter, an entrepreneur, founder of NetworkingPhoenix.com and most recently a single momma to Aris. Her latest passion project is her blog where she is documenting her life pivot. When she’s not working on building her empire, you’ll find her doing squats, burpees, Buti yoga and Netflix binging way past her bedtime.

Web / Marketing

Drew is an entrepreneur and founder of ProExquisite Marketing. His vast experience includes web development, brand building, and creating strategic marketing campaigns. He has been with Carey and her team from the beginning and is inspired by the work that Inspired Media 360 is doing and that he is a part of.

Photographer and Editor

Carlos has worked in film and television, producing, editing and creating for feature films, documentaries, and TV commercials. He owns a production company based in Phoenix. He now works on news and branding projects with Carey and her team, and is the lead photographer and editor on In The Moment.

Producer and Studio Tech

Diana has been in love with the broadcasting industry since she was a teenager. At 14, she started her own radio show. Diana has worked in radio and TV, both behind the scenes and as talent.

She’s mom to Melanie and lover of Muah Thai, a combat sport of Thailand — so, don’t mess with her!

Executive Business Manager

Coming out of retirement and back in the game! Formerly an executive in marketing and new business development now managing all things business for IM360, Paula is having a good time helping to build this mission driven media company.

Mother of five, grandmother, and all-new foster mom of 3, Paula keeps herself busy and that’s just fine with her. Lover of Greek food.