A 2nd Act: Sharing Stories Of Courage

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“I figured there was some reason I was saved and I needed to find out what it was.” Published Author, Judy Pearson, survived cancer and went on to build her second act in life by helping women share their own stories of courage on stage. She calls it post-traumatic growth.
“No matter the life challenge, there is always treasure in the wreckage”.

Diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast cancer, a very aggressive cancer, Pearson feels she was “saved” for a reason.

Three years ago, Pearson created A 2nd Act, the only organization of its kind she says.

Judy Pearson is committed to help other women cancer survivors focus on “what’s next” instead of “why me”.

Through powerful on-stage storytelling performances, women cancer survivors inspire entire audiences to find the treasures in their life’s wreckage. These moving performances showcase women of all ages and cancer types, and is the annual fundraiser for A 2nd Act.

To date, more than 50 stories have been shared on stage, and included in a book providing “light” and inspiration for others when needed.

Pearson goes on to say she believes “the money raised in a city stays in a city”. So it is important to her that A 2nd Act uses the money from these performances to fund the other programs offered by her organization, free of charge.

A 2nd Act holds 4 workshops a year to help guide survivors in discovering their own second act by discovering their own skills and passions. They also host ‘Girls Night Out’ where sister survivors hang out to swap stories and most important, laugh

Pearson says she focuses on only women because she believes women and men heal differently. She feels women offer more authentic workshops and nurturing for each other.

For her second act, Pearson has learned, with the help of her nine year old granddaughter, she can be courageous for not only herself, but also for others.

She feels her “cancer was a gift” because it makes you feel more powerful.

‘Post Traumatic Growth’ does happen after these traumatic experiences says Pearson. She says she “unplugged” from her final chemo treatment a different person. “The old Judy didn’t jump out of the chemo cake.”

And she wants us all to remember, “No matter how dark the days, we all have value and worth….don’t ever sell yourself short”.

Judith Pearson, award-winning author and cancer survivor, is making her 2nd act count.

You can learn more at A2ndact.org