Eight Ways to Show Up To Find Your Passion with Luke Kayyem

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“It starts with YOU!” Luke D. Kayyem says.

Luke D. Kayyem, master lifestyle coach hasn’t always had the easiest life but he has changed his own life and many others by showing people they can become anything they want to with purpose and passion and positivity.

Kayyem’s recent trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro was very powerful and impactful, he says. He was at the top screaming “Daddy made it!” to his kids on a video. He says it’s emotional because of the positivity he is able to deliver.

Kayyem says he wasn’t always this positive person, but he turned his life around. Kayyem says if you want to change anything, it starts with you.

“You cannot blame things on everyone else.” Kayyem says.

Luke D. Kayyem has 8 tips to show up to find your passion and purpose in 2017:

  1. LOVE, Kayyem shows men that they need to show love for the people they care about and let them know by saying “I love you.”
  2. REFLECTION, You have to look inside yourself for more. This is where we celebrate victories and look back on our life.
  3. INTENTIONS, Always have true intentions. Kayyem says you have to show up.
  4. AWARENESS, Be aware of people around you and where you are.
  5. PURPOSE, Purpose can be painful or hard to accept. Realizing your purpose can be powerful.
  6. MINDFULNESS, Mental observation is achieved through quiet time. Kayyem describes this as an adult time-out to find mental perspective.
  7. MOVEMENT, Exercising or getting out and moving.
  8. DEVELOPMENT, Find ways to develop your own knowledge. Knowledge is power. Make sure to read, watch, listen and look.

“There isn’t a single thing you can come up with that should stop you from achieving what you want.” Kayyem says.

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