7 Ways to Stay Fit During The Summer

  1. Exercise when you first wake up: This is an optimal time to burn fat. There is no glycogen in our muscles when we wake up in the morning because we have been fasting all night long during our sleep – Thus the body goes directly to its fat source for fuel during excercise.
  2. Interval training: Higher excursion output in smaller increments will increase metabolism, burn calories from fat and carbohydrates and keeps the metabolism incinerating fat hours after workout is complete. Great way to save time!
  3. Stretching: Stretching to create proper range of motion and flexibility is something that can be done indoors, on the go, at home or during travel.
  4. Swimming: This is a fantastic all non-weight barring activity that is easy on joints, great for all ages, can be done with friends, family and children and keeps everyone cool during the Summer heat.
  5. Start a challenge or contest: burpee, squats, step challenge. When you have someone to do it with there is more motivation and accountability. Or a night league in a sport that you play.
  6. Floor routine: done at home, in office, great for core and glutes
  7. Choosing active family vacations – early morning hiking, kayaking, skiing, biking, water volleyball,  on large muscle groups: burning more calories, by focusing on larger muscles groups instead of isolating a smaller muscle you get a full body workout in the same amount of time.