5 Ways To Improve Your Life Today with Life and Wellness Coach Tracey Martin

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Tracey Martin and Family“If you share from a place of vulnerability, the real healing happens.”  Tracey Martin is a Life and Wellness Coach based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

At an early age, she was the victim of domestic violence.  Martin says walking out of that violent relationship helped frame the way she sees life.  She believes the key is focusing on the future, not the past.

Martin is living proof that the strategy is a good one.

Not only is she a successful coach, she also has a fashion line, Threads of Evolution www.threadsofevolution.com Her handbags can frequently be seen on the arms of celebrities like Julia Roberts.

We asked for her top tips when it comes to improving overall health and wellness.

It all starts and ends with food, she says.  “Food is your medicine.  Understand what you are taking in and why you are taking it in.”

Martin then shared the following tips:

  1. Learn to understand and channel your own intuition.

Martin has 15 questions she asks her coaching clients.  The first one is Are You Happy? “It is amazing to me how many people have to stop and think about it,” she says.  “They have gotten so numb they can’t understand what it feels like to be happy.”  In large part, she says, it has to do with the fact that so many people are unhappy with work.  “If you love what you do, it feeds your soul.”

  1. Realizing fear is an illusion.

“You always have the power to change your reality.”  In relationships and in work, Martin says people make the mistake of giving their power away.   “When you take that back it is a piece of the puzzle you are putting back together.”

  1. Being your own advocate, using your voice, and asking powerful questions.
  1. Owning your own greatness.

There needs to be a call to action in each of our lives.  “People always talk about their fear of failure.”  Martin says, “I think more people are fearful of success.  Once you have that, then what?  It is fear of the unknown.”

  1. Start with what is in front of you.

It can be overwhelming if you try to fix everything all at once.  Start with what it in front of you and there will be a ripple effect with the rest.

For more on Tracey Martin, go to www.evolutionwithtracey.com